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It is not our experiences, that make us. It is our perception of those experiences that make or break our current reality. It is time for you to Awaken. Shift. Transform. into your highest and greatest version.

Why ECL Cares?
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We have a genuine love for our clients being able to reach their highest potential. It is one thing to dream about the possibilities, but when you LIVE your wildest dreams, the experience hits differently. We are here to help you walk your talk and BE the change you wish to see.

Hypnotic Healing Services

Hypnotic Healing Services

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Our Hypnotic Healing Sessions are a unique and nonconventional way to boost your healing journey and also a great way to expand and explore your consciousness. Hypnosis is an induced altered state of consciousness that allows you direct access to your subconscious mind. Having this assess gives you direct insight on the deepest parts of you that go untapped when only interacting with the conscious, awakened mind. Hypnosis is a great way to heal your unfavorable traits, to unpack childhood trauma and redefine your perception if your current reality. 

If you are ready to expand and explore your consciousness, spiritually based, hypnotic healing sessions or past life regressions are your best go to services. 

1) Clinical Hypnotherapy - Getting rid of your depression, anxiety, phobia, shedding unwanted weight, smoking cessation, decrease sugar intake, and so much more!

2) Performance Hypnotherapy - Are you looking to perform better and always be ready to put your best foot forward? This service is great if you are wanting become a better person in any aspect of life. Public speaking, better business owner, better parent, better spouse, etc!

3) Hypnotic Quantum Healing - This service is all about exploring and expanding your consciousness. When was the last time you took time out to stop and explore yourself deeper? This service is great if you want to visit parallel lives, meet your spiritual guides, check out your star lineage, etc. If you are ready to explore all that your soul has to offer you, this is the one!

4) Past Life Regression Healing - Exploring your past life has many healing benefits. It can show you what energy you have carried into this current lifetime from your past life, it can show you why you do the things that you do and gives you a picture of what gifts and abilities your soul innately carries. Knowing what and how you conquered in your past will give you a great sense of where you are or could be headed!

5) Life in Between - Have you ever wondered what happens after you die and before you reincarnate? Within this session, we will visit your most recent past life and go back to your previous death to see what happened before you reincarnated again. This session will be focused on what happened after your passed away, who was there to greet your homecoming, what was said, and how you were prepared for your next (current) lifetime. 


You can choose to have your session via Zoom or In person. 

You can choose to have your sacred service over zoom or in person. During checkout, please indicate which type of service you would like to receive and where you would like to receive it.

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Does Hypnotherapy Actually Work?


*hee hee* - This question always makes me laugh! The short answer is absolutely NOT. People think that because we are tapping into the subconscious, that they will be open and at risk for manipulation and this is farthest for the truth. You will actually be MORE divinely aware of yourself and what you truly want.

When I am going in to implant YOUR wishes, I am doing just that; Giving you BACK what you asked for during our intake process.

*Please watch the videos below for a deeper understanding of hypnotherapy and how our sessions work.*

**If you have any additional questions, please feel free to "Ask A Question" or "Chat with Us Now!"**

Most sessions last about 1:45-2 hours.

**Please fill out your intake form to the best of your abilities so that the bulk of our session can be spent in regression and transformation.**

Honestly, it is going to be up to you and your intention. The short answer is, "we'll see!" I say this because everyone is different and it depends on why you are having a session.

Someone having a past life regression, may only want to visit one lifetime, but someone wanting to stop smoking after 20 years of having a pack a day, may need a few more sessions. But even that, is not always true.

Your mind is extremely powerful and your subconscious knows exactly why it does what it does. We are going through the process of uncovering that information and giving yourself new, healthier habits to build from.

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