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These beautiful creations are a game changer! Are you looking for a fix all solution? Here you go! Here at EyeCreateLife®, we focus on EMPOWERMENT and EMBODIMENT. We know for a fact that when you are ready to ATTRACT, you must first BECOME. We have created a seamless process to assist you in BECOMING your best version.

How? You wonder.. Your mind is the most powerful player in the game of manifestation. You have to BELIEVE you can receive what you desire for it to actualize into your immediate reality. YES, your energy in motion (emotions) play a HUGE part, but they are IN MOTION. Which means they are coming and going, always changing. So your subconscious programming (e.i. beliefs), that is holding steady, will be the most powerful, most important thing to focus on.

What are you core beliefs about what you desire to have? The mind can NOT hold two conflicting beliefs, they will cancel each other out.

[[Example: If you desire to be wealthy but you hold the belief that "you are broke," you have contradicting beliefs and you will remain in your current situation until you adopt a new belief structure.]]

This is where we come in! Our Powerful Intention Oils are here to help reprogram your subconscious mind. This is not "magic," its science! The mind learns by repetition (think back to how babies learn to walk, talk, eat, etc. They keep trying and trying, learning and learning until THEY GET IT DOWN). We have created a powerful system for you, that works and our Powerful Intention Oils will assist you in a major way on your Transformation Journey!

We are excited to see what energetic embodiments you chose to receive!

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My encounter with Tina V. was a month ago and I am certain that me finding her YouTube channel wasn't just coincidence. This was my 1st purchase ever of an intention oil. I have no idea how Tina created such a powerful and wonderful oil, but I'm here for it!! This "Goddess Glow" intention oil is AMAZING, yet POWERFUL!!! Tina has been a blessing with answering ALL of my questions about her oils as well as reminding me to state my affirmations. I had no idea just how impactful this oil would be for me. I have felt more empowered and have noticed that there has been a boost in my confidence and self-esteem. I am stepping out of my comfort zone more, something that I had always been too afraid to do. Most importantly, I can now look in the mirror without crying and feeling so negative about myself. I feel like a "Badass" at times and allowing myself to tap into my inner self. I maybe flawed, but I am starting to feel beautiful again and that means everything to me💞💞💞


I have been a customer of Eye Create Life for almost half a year now. Believe me, there are many reasons I have stayed. I have purchased readings, oils, and spiritual baths that were all well worth beyond what they are priced. The oil I have is the Goddess Glow oil - it is astounding. I have used it in my spiritual baths, with candle workings, and for topical use. This oil has assisted greatly with tapping into my own divine feminine energy and embracing it! My skin glows after use, I feel confident & beautiful, and it has also assisted with menstrual cramps & my mom’s arthritis. It also works wonders with self love and beauty spells/magick - I am an abuse survivor & it helps with my heart, happiness, and femininity. I also have the large spiritual bath (Nirvana) & have used it a lot. The smell is so fresh and clean - very herbal and clay based. I sensed strong hits of mint, lemon, and lavender (May not be exact ingredients, but to refer the the fresh aroma). Every time I have felt out of whack (out of alignment) or experienced any turmoil, this is my go to soak. Not only does it help with metaphysical ailments, but physical ones as well. The soak has helped with relief of cramps, muscle pain, sinus pain, and headaches. After use, I feel my energy is cleared and that manifestion & magick ensue much more quickly for me. Lastly, the exquisite and unsurpassed readings. I have booked several, and all were accurate & helpful. Whether you are concerned about a love interest, family, school, work, money, or your future- one of these readings will surely place you on the right track. These readings have lead me into the flow of alignment for some of my greatest manifestations & blessings to date ( 1. Saw Lauryn Hill live & front row (she’s my icon) 2. Modeled in a fashion show in NJ 3. Aced my last spring semester in Grad School 4. Reconciled with my biological father 5. Became a participant in an Abraham Hicks workshop live!!) I’m telling you, Eye Create Life is no joke, with the assistance provided through this medium, you will create life - the life of your dreams!

Senaia H.

Let's Begin here!
"Golden Elixir" & "Stay Calm" have some "kinda relationship". The Golden Elixir works for me HandsDown!!! I recently experienced some pain in my right hand; hence always on this dern cell phone! So i started applying it/commanding it to do what I needed it to do. It has NOT failed me! What is really funny is I use them both together (Stay Calm & Golden E). Sooo my mind says "stock up"! Thus far these oils <hence I have purchased about 6 or so> have worked on my behalf.
I appreciate your magickal Juju


Nice smell and lightly scented. When I did the pup patch test this wonderful product did not break me out like other. Will buy again

Keonna T. - Cupid's Arrow

Great money oil , and great energetic vibrations. Got three more different oils. Love them.

Lovely Customer - El Dorado

I need some Cupid's Arrow, some El Dorado, shit all of it lol! I'm on my last drops but they still working super strong. I will never forget you. You've changed my entire world. I'm grateful I have access to you.

Cupid's Arrow Client

I appreciate you so much! I can't go a day without these oils.. They have changed the entire game! I'm an entirely new person!

Tenisha P.


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