Awaken. Shift. Transform.


Our Mission

to empower those who are ready, to grow through their trauma, elevate their existence, and live a more wholesome life; byway of spirituality and accountability.

Our Vision

to provide a safe and sacred space for you to come truly heal without judgement, anxiety or guilt. In this space, you are free to be yourself, and transmute your trauma into something beautiful.

Established 2018

EyeCreateLife® LLC is a 'self-mastery' inspired company that specializes in assisting our clients in developing a deeper connection with themselves to increase self-awareness through daily, mindful self-care. We know that you are busy taking care of the world, but we encourage you to take time out for yourself daily, so that you can show up as your BEST self while saving the world! Feeling burnt out and run down is a thing of the past because we've got you covered! All of our products and their lovely scents are handmade and formulated by Tina.

With the rise in 'conscious consuming', we are excited to bring products to shelves with clean, organic ingredients that our buyers can trust. We have taken the frustration out of "label reading" by using all natural, simple yet powerful, ingredients that make a big difference. One thing this global pandemic taught all of us, is that we need to start taking better care of ourselves, holistically. We are dedicated to creating luxurious wellness products that, not only have amazing benefits for all skin types, but even more benefits for enriching the mental and emotional health of our customers. Our intentional luxe wellness products are sure to become the best part of our buyer's daily self-care regimen and a pivotal turning point on their journey to self-mastery!

When you think transformation, think EyeCreateLife!

Along with products, Tina also offers Hypnotic Healing sessions where we focus on using the power of the subconscious mind to overcome any obstacle by rewiring the way we perceive our reality, thus transforming our beliefs. We believe that it is not our experiences that make us, but our perception of those experiences that shape the way we view the world. Therefore, we offer hypnotherapy sessions to help our clients get to the root of what is holding them back, so we can unplug that unfavorable subconscious response and replace it with a narrative that is impactful and empowering. My goal is to help my clients redesign their lives from the inside, out.

Visit Us In Person @ The Wax House!

By appointment only

2237 Lowes Drive W
Clarksville, TN 37040

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Tuesday & Thursday - Closed

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We Are Expanding!

Below you will find all of the physical locations you can find EyeCreateLife® products on shelves outside of our own!

If you know if any locations looking to expand their inventory, please let us know!

Blue Herbal Goddess

1573 Ft Campbell Blvd
Clarksville, TN 37042

Sun-Mon: Closed
Tues-Sat: 10am-6pm

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Current Partnerships

At EyeCreateLife®, we believe that we are better together. You will find us continuously partnering with other organizations that are also looking to help empower and uplift the masses.


Tina is on the Board of Directors for ROCC and she has also decided to Partner with Y-STAR to become a mentor for the youth within the Y-STAR Program.

We Love to Collaborate!

Check out some of our previous collaborations:


Video Production

DJ MidKinght x EyeCreateLife

DaMel DaPhoto x EyeCreateLife

Professional Photography

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DaMel DaPhoto

Questions for EyeCreateLife®?

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