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It is not our experiences, that make us. It is our perception of those experiences that make or break our current reality. It is time for you to AwakenShiftTransform. into your highest and greatest version.

Thinking about trying hypnotic healing?

When we experience trauma, passively or directly, we store those experiences away in our subconscious mind and our body actually keeps a score of the stagnant energy-in-motion (emotions) that we decide to suppress rather than process and release. We then learn particular behaviors in response to those traumatic events that were once learned to keep us safe and protected in case things of that nature happens again. - These learned behaviors are called 'defense mechanisms.' Each time something remotely similar to these traumatic experiences happen (triggers), our physical and emotional reactions attached to the memory will unconsciously resurface and cause a disruption within our immediate reality. In many cases these reactions are unhealthy, unwanted and unhelpful. Using Hypnosis we rewire the perception of that memory, reframe the learned behavior, and replace unfavorable behaviors with new, more favorable ones.
Your Ascension Matters
How can Hypnotic Healing help you?

Transform your mind while aligning to your highest timeline and attracting all that you desire to experience within this lifetime! It's time to break out of the negative feedback loop, form more favorable habits and cut out self-sabotaging behaviors! Using the mental magic of hypnosis will help you gain more clear and focused energy and teach you subconscious strategies to create lasting change in your health and wellbeing.

Once you tap into the power of your subconscious mind with our Hypnotic Healing offerings, you can start making long lasting changes that will make you a vibrational magnetic to the external life you have longed for all along.

Does Hypnotherapy Actually Work?

Listen to What Other Clients Experienced!

Hypnotic Healing Video Review

Past Life Regression Video Review

Don't take our word for it


 Tina makes you feel like you have known her many years even if you have only known her for 2 minutes. SHES BOMB AND ON POINT ASF (it will scare you) in a good way

Tamika A.

General Review


 This experience was amazing! This was my first time experiencing quantum hypnotherapy and by far this is one of the most amazing experiences I got to live. Everyone should try quantum hypnotherapy. You will learn so much about yourself!

Bria B.

Hypnotic Quantum Healing Session


The experience was nothing like I expected. I was amazed at how I felt. I felt very comfortable in Tina's presence and energy. I truly relaxed my body and allowed her beautiful voice to take me on the trip into my subconscious mind. It was incredible!

Doris G.



 I am grateful Goddess Star [Tina] sharing her gift of divinity with me😊. It was an outworldly, flawlessly guided experience and I’m excited to participate.

Goddess Vee

Hypnotic Quantum Healing


 Tina created a peaceful, relaxing environment for me to receive the messages that were intended for me. Overall, my experience was worth the time and money spent!

Alexandria C.



...You need to be known and I really trust your energy. It's familiar but not in this dimension or lifetime.

Derrick J.

General Review


*hee hee* - This question always makes me laugh! The short answer is absolutely NOT. People think that because we are tapping into the subconscious, that they will be open and at risk for manipulation and this is farthest for the truth. You will actually be MORE divinely aware of yourself and what you truly want.

When I am going in to implant YOUR wishes, I am doing just that; Giving you BACK what you asked for during our intake process.

*Please watch the videos below for a deeper understanding of hypnotherapy and how our sessions work.*

**If you have any additional questions, please feel free to "Ask A Question" or "Chat with Us Now!"**

- Most Hypnotic Healing sessions last about 1:45-2 hours.

For Hypnotic Healing: **Please fill out your intake form to the best of your abilities so that the bulk of our session can be spent in regression and transformation.**

Honestly, it is going to be up to you and your intention. The short answer is, "we'll see!" I say this because everyone is different and it depends on why you are having a session.

Someone having a past life regression, may only want to visit one lifetime, but someone wanting to stop smoking after 20 years of having a pack a day, may need a few more sessions. But even that, is not always true.

Your mind is extremely powerful and your subconscious knows exactly why it does what it does. We are going through the process of uncovering that information and giving yourself new, healthier habits to build from.

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