If you are ready to exit that "crappy Creation" loop,

I know exactly where you are and I have the perfect solution for you!

What you can expect when working with a Transformation Mentor

 A shift in perception 

It is scientifically proven that it is not our experiences that shape us, but our perspective of those experiences that leaves the imprint on our lives. We will go to the origin of your deeply rooted beliefs, clear them out and reprogram your subconscious mind for success!

 An Accountability Partner

Tina is dedicated to assisting you in becoming your BEST. When you get caught in our own crappy creation loop, sometimes it's hard to find our way out. Tina is here to help you live a more wholesome life, byway of spirituality and accountability! 

 A Transformed Quality of Life

When you have internal peace and a great sense of joy, there is nothing that can bring you down from your natural high! Awaken.Shift.Transform will help you tap into your natural BLISS and never look back!

Is Awaken. Shift. Transform. the program for you?

As your Mentor, Accountability Partner, it is my GOAL to EMPOWER you to rise up, Goddess, and activate your divinity, harness your Sovereignty and move into the realm of becoming a conscious creator of your reality!

You have spent most of your life in, what I like to call the 'Crappy Creation Loop' and it is time to bust out of that old paradigm and CREATE a new one, consciously. If you are thinking, "what is the world is a 'crappy creation loop' and how do I know if I'm in it?"

Listen up, most of us grew up being told, what to do, what we can't do, what we shouldn't do and a slew of other programings that were instilled within us from our family, our schools, religion, friends, etc. Because of these 'mental handmedowns,' we have developed these deeply rooted beliefs that cause us to unconsciously go about life in ways that lead us in these undesirable creation cycles.

 Now, if you are:

- happy with your creations
- excited to rise every day because you are doing what you love
- in beautiful relationships with others who reciprocate your energy while making you feel appreciated
- consciously connected to your Higher Self
- fully aligned with the Highest Timeline for your existence

Let me be the first to tell you that I am soooo proud of you for DOING THE WORK! Congratulations on achieving self mastery, maintaining a high vibrational consciousness and moving into the conscious creator realm of your reality. Many people only aspire to get where you are and I hope you are inspiring the world by showing them a peace of mind, a loving heart and a beautiful lifestyle are all possible to achieve TOGETHER!!

If this is where you ASPIRE to be, you are one step closer to being in this space by being connected to this transformation frequency! Welcome to Awaken.Shift.Transform.! Here in the 7 Week Program, it is my goal to assist you in awakening to your divinity, shifting your perspective and transforming into the best version of yourself!


Why choose EyeCreateLife?

Your Progress is Our Purpose

Our goal is to help you redefine, readjust and realign yourself so that you truly THRIVE! This Total Transformation program is designed to assist you in transforming your life within 7 short weeks!

Your Accountability Partner

Our main goal is to see you THRIVE! Seriously, it gives us a unique high. We have many  services that are centered around giving you the tools and technique to bring forth your vision into reality! We are always rooting for you!

We Specialize in Empowerment

We are on a mission to empower and uplift those who are ready to transform their reality. We create the tools and hand them right over to you, for you to build and grow!

We Help You BECOME The Energy You Wish To Attract

We truly believe that before you attract anything, you have to become. We have created these powerful resources for you to build and grow to the next level!


Total Transformation Program Testimonials 

"Awaken.Shift.Transform is literally life changing. As I sit and reflect on my very first session up until week 5 (where I am now), the growth is amazing. When the program first started, I was a closed book, lacked confidence and dealing with a lot of things I never talked about. Now, I feel open, liberated and free. Though every day brings new feelings and new adventures, I feel like I can conquer anything the world has to offer. I have learned to love and accept myself for all that I am. But most importantly, I have discovered new ways to deal with life’s daily challenges. Ms. Tina has broken through barriers that I never knew existed and assisted me in building myself back up from the womb. I now have tools and knowledge that will forever be imbedded in me. I highly recommend this program to all who are willing and ready to live a life of freedom. As long as you go in with an open mind, you can and will come out better than you went in. I can’t wait to see myself a year from now!!"

- Raven

"Thank you so much Tina, reading this lets me know how far I've come. Like I'm literally here in the time I about on that page and I'm so grateful for it, I'm so grateful for YOU! If it wasn't for me coming into contact with you I can HONESTLY say I do not know how things would've turned out for me! You guided me, loved me, pushed me, and NEVER JUDGED ME no matter how bad things were! And you have no idea how thankful I am for you, forever!"

- A. L.

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