Why The "Mastered Mind?"

Why The

If you were wondering why we have named the blog, Tap Into The Mastered Mind, let's chat about it!

When we start our self healing journey, little do we realize that we are actually going on a journey of self-mastery (aka self-actualization, shouts out to Maslow!). To master one's self, is to master one's own mind. The mind is extremely powerful, way more powerful than we realize. Our mind is the key to our success here in this realm. With this mind, we are able to uncover our truths, dive deeper into life's greatest mysteries, and on a simpler note, our mind literally controls our entire body. Sheesh. Developing, or the lack of, a connection with our mind, will cause one to be blissfully fulfilled or detrimentally despaired. It is with this mind of ours, that we choose to be sick or be well.

Did you know that it is said that every dis-ease starts within the mind and that every dis-ease can be destroyed by the mind? It may be hard to wrap your head around just how powerful the mind truly is, but that is why there are many sciences strictly dedicated to discovering all that our minds are capable of. All sciences from different angles and perspectives. It's truly magical, honestly and I am totally fascinated by it!

This brings me back to why we named the blog this in the first place. It is our goal to give thought provoking messages that will allow you to question yourself, your beliefs and expand. So, please leave comments, questions or topics that you are interested in discussing. Think of our blog as one big discussion board or forum, where you can leave your wonders. With this in mind, please be respectful of the thoughts shared here. We are all entitled to our own opinions and beliefs. The goal is not to "change" anyone's beliefs, we are wanting to simply share and expand our current state of consciousness. That's all!


Happy expansion journey! 

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