What Does It Mean To Have A DNA Upgrade?

What Does It Mean To Have A DNA Upgrade?

After stating I was receiving a DNA upgrade, I have received many questions on what that means and what they are. I decided to create this response publically in text form (as well as a video) to make it clear and straight to the point.

So, let's dive in! 



Our DNA is a the genetic makeup of who we are. Many may believe that it is only the physical aspects of us and some may not have given it much thought. Have you ever been told that this part of you is forever changing? Think about it. Think about how much we have evolved over a vast amount of time. We are always in a constant state of evolution. When we are on a current path and we shift our reality or shift our perception, we are then encoding this energy into our DNA, thus shifting (upgrading) who we are at our core. This energy is now carried into the next linage, shifting your legacy forever. Yes, it is that deep and it is that powerful!

Our DNA is more than physical characteristics, it is our emotional body, spiritual body and it even carries traits of information from our past life experiences. Our blood, and DNA, is sacred and it houses everything that we are and everything that we need.  Our DNA is so potent that we can pass down energy as well. The most common energies that manifest physically are depression, anxiety, natural talents and abilities, etc. We are encoded with so many messages and when the essence of us is duplicated, we are sharing all parts of us with the Being we are preparing to enter this realm of existence. 

Please, take your time and think about what we are harboring and thus bringing awareness to your inner being and your genetic makeup. What energy is it time to transmute and release? What tranuma are you holding onto that is physically manifesting itself in your reality? What outdated beliefs are you keeping in your psyche that you really and truly just believe because you were told this, even though it is no longer resonant? Everything is energy and because you are holding this energy, it is being coded into your reality and thus affecting your ability to ascend to higher levels of conscious. 

Take note, after a DNA upgrade, you will never be the same. You get totally new ideals downloaded into your consciousness. You expand your awareness and develop new gifts and spiritual abilities. (I started being able to telepathically being able to communicate with plants!) Think about a DNA upgrade like upgrading the software on your computer. You get excited about all of the new features of the software and your computer is never the same after that. 

So tell us, have you ever had a DNA upgrade?

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