Spiritual Baths: How, Why + More!

Spiritual Baths: How, Why + More!

- What are they and why do they work?
A spiritual bath is one of the most sacred and sure ways to cleanse your energy. If you are ever feeling heavy, low, or just need a boost of divinity, a spiritual bath is a sure way to get the job done. It WILL raise your vibrations to your desired state.

Spiritual Baths works wonders because the largest ingredient is WATER. Think about it.. With the way our water recycles itself, all the water that is here on Earth has always been here and never left. That mixes water 10x more powerful energetically. Water holds a story. It cleanses, purifies and charges whatever it is put into. Water is scared and it is my favorite element of them all (besides the Holy Spirit, you know). Water gives life and without it, NOTHING on Earth would exist, NOTHING. Water is a conductor for energy to flow through. By you charging your bath water with intention (herbs, oils, candles, salts, your words/energy) you are literally building the power of the water and getting it fully ready to send that energy into you as you soak and relax into it. 

- When should I complete a SB? 


Definitely complete them as often as you feel called to. Once a month, twice a week or 3-7 days straight if you just can not shake those lower vibes or if you are wanting to manifest something great and shift your energy to make space. Go with your intuition to manifest accordingly! If you are feeling stuck, slowed or stagnant, I recommend booking a consult with me to find out what could be slowing you down or to see if a hypnotic healing session would help!

- How to complete a SB?
My favorite part! First, make sure you have showered and actually cleaned yourself before you start your bath. The bathroom as to be cleaned as well. No trash in the trash can. Remember “cleanliness is closest to Godliness” and low vibe-ing energy likes clutter and trash. Once you have cleaned your body and area, it is time to clear your mind and begin your bath. The key thing to remember with the spiritual bath is that it is a bath with purpose! So, with everything that you do, add intention. What do you want to gain out of this bath?

Example: “I want to partake in a Spiritual Bath to release negative energy and raise my vibration!”

Step 1: Start your bath water with your intention in mind and smudge your area before you start to set up

Step 2: Start gathering your materials
- Pink Himalayan/Epsom/Black Lava Salt (Found in my Energy Cleansing Bath Soak: Rejuvenate coming soon..)
​- Spiritual Intention Oils
- Relaxing/Rejuvenating bath soap
- Florida Water (store bought or homemade)
- Candles, candles and more candles! (I turn the lights off to keep me relaxed)
- Calming Music (meditation music, jazz, classical, frequencies, etc..)
- Crystals
- Incense
- Sage, Palo Santo or any other Smudging Tool
- Anything sacred to you that you feel called to bring in (I bring in things that represent me)

Step 3: Input your bath soap with intention (I am adding __________ to release negative energy and replenish my energy.

Step 4: Add Epsom Salt, one handful at a time with an intent for each (handful 1: I am releasing low vibrating energy, handful 2: I am asking for clarity on what needs to go in my life, handful 3: I am recharged and ready to create the life I desire, handful)

Step 5: Add in Pink Salt and/or Clay, with the same intentions (or different ones, get creative!)

Step 6: Add Florida Water with the intention of getting rid of and clearing negative energy

Step 7: Light each candle with the intention to relax you and bring clarity (protection, peace, etc)

Step 8: Turn on your music if you have not already

Step 9: Set your crystals in and around your bath

Step 10: Light your incense and get into your bath with the intention to receive your desired

Happy Manifesting!


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