Powerful Intention Oils

    Here you will find Powerful Intention Oils that are used to reprogram the subconscious mind. These beautifully crafted oils are to assist you in your mind, body, soul and heart transformation with the highest frequency of revolution mind. When you use these oils, you are inviting the frequency (energy) of your desire to encode into the essence of your Being. These creations are more than herbs and oils in a bottle. These are encoded to bring about powerful changes within you because they are created with the intent of total transformation in mind. 

    To transform means,

    • a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance
    • a metamorphosis during the life cycle of a Being. 


    These Powerful Creations do not only bring you what you desire but they embed the energy you need within you, for you to become a vibrational match to the frequency you are trying to obtain. In other words, we must keep in mind that everything is energy. When you desire something physical, or energetic, to be added into your life, you must become a vibrational match in order to attract what you desire. To be a vibrational match means being freely open to receive your desire without blockages that can stop your desire from manifesting into your reality. 

    These powerful intention oils are encoded with the frequency to unblock, clear out and bring in your desires easily and effortlessly. We do suggest that if you are unsure of where to start, book a Sacred Service to see what your Higher Self is requesting of you at this time for your spiritual growth and personal development. You can also choose the Custom Creation option to receive a divinely created custom oil for your personal journey.