What is Hypnotherapy, Anyway? And Which Session is Best For Me?

What is Hypnotherapy, Anyway? And Which Session is Best For Me?
Greetings Divine Beings!

I am so honored to have you here to discuss this awesome topic that I've grown to love so much. Today, we are going to go through the what, how, why's of hypnotherapy, past life regression and quantum healing.

Let's just dive right in, shall we?!

The process of hypnosis is quit divine within itself. The goal of each session is to quiet the conscious mind so that we can speak with, what I like to call, The Boss: the subconscious mind. This aspect of self is all knowing of this life time, past life times and beyond! We are wanting to access this powerhouse because this is the part of you that knows the how, why, when, where and 'what to do next' of your life. You can think of the subconscious as your internal road map. 

It was easily programmed while you were growing up and it is likely that you now have subconscious programming imprinted within you rather you know it or not. The beautiful thing is, yes there is beautiful in trama, whatever dis-ease you find within the body, originated within the mind. Since the mind created it, the mind also has the power to destroy it. *insert evil laugh here* - and THIS my divine ones, is what make hypnotic healing sooo powerful and useful! 

By us going through the subconscious mind, we are able to get to the real root of how and why you are the way you are, rewire that perspective and impuke what you actually desire, into your subconscious. This process creates a real foundational change and gives you the tools to create new habits, thus, new life experiences that are more favorable. 


Now, how do you determine which Hypnotic Healing session is best for you? I'm not sure. They are all super fun, healing and will help you get to where you need to be. I'll just explain them all and allow you to intuitively choose!
1) Clinical Approach Hypnosis
This service is great if you are experiencing the effects of a mental, emotional or physical blockage and are ready to remove this unfavorable habit and create a new one. A few clinical session could include, but are not limited to:
- Depression
- Anxiety
-  Smoking
- Fears/Phobias
- Weight Management
- Negative Self-Talk/Self-Sabotaging Behaviors
- Money Management
- Stress Management
- Many, MANY more (please book a consult if you are interested in requesting a hypnotic healing service that is not listed here).
2) Past Life Regressions
Past Life Regression is a gentle form of hypnotherapy which takes you back through time to your previous lives, or incarnations, by accessing memories and experiences that are normally hidden with your subconscious mind. This session goes far beyond just "viewing" a past life and there are different types of Past Life Regressions that are designed to help you with different parts of your life experiences. 
- Exploratory Past Life Regression - this session is just to explore the various past lives you have experienced. Within these lives, we connect the dots between your past and your present reality. -  This will equal 2-3 past life visits 
- DNA Repair & Healing - This is a great way to see what part of your DNA (encoded energy within your physical vessel, was 'damaged' within a past life experience. Once we are able to identify where the DNA was damaged, we will then go back and see what lifetime this karma was created and work through clearing that energy as well. - This will equal 2 past life visits 
-  Breaking & Clearing Generational Encodements - This session is all about viewing the female and male line of your lineage. We will then view the patterns within both. We will go back and view your past selves and also identify patterns. We will end with viewing your children from past lives and see how it was to have you as a parent. The goal of this session is to break and clear generational "curses" that may have been encoded into your physical system when you descended into this lifetime. 
- Karmic Wheel - View your karmic wheel of every lifetime. Whichever lifetime stands out to you, we will explore and find out why. This session highlights some type of karma that was established within the lifetime that stands out. We will view the karmic ties, make amends where we can and heal them. 
3) Beyond Quantum Healing
The best part about this session is the freedom to be and the freedom to explore. Within this session, you will be able to meet your spiritual guides, get your burning life questions answered, tap deeper into your intuition and/or visit life beyond this physical Earth realm. Have you ever wondered if you existed on another planet or start system? This is the session for you. The difference between this session and a past life regression, is that this session is pure consciousness exploration. Wherever your Higher Self decides you should go, we shall explore there. 
Thank you so much for taking the time and reading through this message about hypnotherapy and the different offerings we have available. Please don't hesitate to book a consult with me if you have additional questions/concerns that were not listed in this blog post!

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