Once We Master The Mind

Endless Possibilities Unfold

The Mind Is Fertile

Once the Seed is planted, Watch it grow

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Our Herbal Inventory & Their Magical Properties
Herbs are a beautifully powerful way to increase the potency of your intention oils. Each herb has their own unique vibration and the frequency they give off, corresponds to energy we can use to our benefit. Below you will find...
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Giving Your Body The Care It Deserves!
Caring for your sacred temple is by far, top tier self-care!    Let's be honest, caring for the body is a topic that, until recently, wasn't even considered a 'hot topic' until middle ages when our bodies get tired of carrying around all of...
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Complete List of Herbs & Their Magical Uses!
Herbs are powerful energetic carriers of frequencies we get to use in our scared practices. Here is a complete list of many herbs used in creating magical potions, conducting spells and living a more intentional life! Dive deep into this list and see what all you can create!
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Why The "Mastered Mind?"
Today we discussed our reasoning for naming the blog, "Tap Into The Mastered Mind." We are not calling our mind, the "mastered mind," but we are insinuating that once we tap into the self-mastery aspect that we all have within us, this is when we have reached the level of optimal potential.
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