Giving Your Body The Care It Deserves!

Giving Your Body The Care It Deserves!
Caring for your sacred temple is by far, top tier self-care! 


Let's be honest, caring for the body is a topic that, until recently, wasn't even considered a 'hot topic' until middle ages when our bodies get tired of carrying around all of our crap (literally) and starts to retaliate. 

Whether we like our bodies or not, they are here and they are the only one we've got! Sure, modern medicine can replace a few parts and shape up others, but those alterations are just that. Alterations to the divine vessel we have chosen to have within this lifetime! 

Yet, why don't we take the time to properly care for our bodies as we should? Why don't we take better care of ourselves? Check out these stats we found on self care according to Birchbox You-Time Report


  • 56% of women tend to feel burnt out quite often, compared to 51% of men.
  • Over 56% of people think caring for yourself involves screen time, while just 30% say unplugging from technology is how they self-care.
  • 74% of people consider self-care to mean taking care of their bodies, while 57% think it means taking a mental break.
  • 39% of men say they consistently make time for self-care while only 32% of women do

These stats show us that while we are on the right track to taking better care of ourselves, we still have a ways to go. We have compiled a list of ten (10) ways to better care for yourselves in a cute and easy to read PDF. Head over to our Bookshelf to find your copy!


Let us know what you think about it!


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