Cut The Cord - Energetic Releasing Ceremony

Cut The Cord - Energetic Releasing Ceremony

Sometimes, getting out will contribute more to your WELL BEING than staying in. 






Sometimes, you just have to DO IT. You just have to cut the cord and move forward. Cut the cord to the old ties you have, cut the cord to the people, places and things you were once attached to. If energy itself can never be created or destroyed, then the energy we give to certain people and habits can not either. It can be transmuted and it can be redirected. Redirecting your energy can come with time and refocusing (when done right), which can be difficult if you dealing with something that's had a hold on you for a while. Redirecting can also be a dangerous way to go about it if it is done improperly because it can be forced. A good example of a forced redirection of energy is when people get out of a romantic relationship and immediately get into another romantic relationship. Never taking the time to mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually detox from that past relationship and healing yourself can be very damaging and taxing to your soul. That's where transmuting the energy comes in!

So before we go further, let's chat about these energetic bonds that are well know as energetic cords or soul ties. We create these soul ties, not only through sex (the most powerful and well known way), but also our desires, attention, focus and some of them we come into this lifetime with. Energetic bonds can be formed when we focus our energy and attention in a certain direction. The more focus we have locked in, the more energy we are sending towards that person, place or thing. The more energy we give, the stronger the bond/tie becomes. Yes, we are that powerful! The mere wanting of something, actually attaches these things to us! It's the true "blessing and a curse" scenero. The funny thing is; while desiring someone or something is a naturally humanistic trait, these wants and desires actually can become our ultimate downfall. Buddha explains it best; 

“The root of suffering is attachment.”  - Buddah


Having unhealthy attachments are what causes us to suffer. The wanting and "needing" of things and people are what causes the voids in our inner being and makes our outer being a slave to those attachments which now feeds these deep voids within us. We have to continually assess our cravings, habits and attachments to assure balance and a healthy environment for spiritual growth and personal development. When you find yourself in an unhealthy or imbalanced relationship with something, this is when a cord cutting ceremony is warranted. 

Some people still get surprised when I tell them they can "cut the cord" to anything in their life and it's not always just about the people. Yes you can cut the cord of your life that you want to separate from; however, it is important to remember that anything you give your time and attention to will create an energetic cord and is eligible to be CUT and REMOVED. ​I will give an example cord cutting ritual ceremony below for you all to try out or tweak any way you would like. 

Wait a minute, What is transmuting energy???


Thank you for reminding me! Transmuting energy, from my experience, is basically the cord cutting ceremony is meant to do when done the way I will explain later. This ritual was given to me by my ancestors and I am giving it to you to try it out for yourself. Transmuting energy simply means, transmute: change in form, nature or substance. Energy: the strength and vitality required for sustained for physical or mental activity; life, fire, passion. So the goal of our cord cutting ceremony is to change the nature and substance of the vitality required to sustain your mental and physical activity; basically to change the nature of your life, fire and passions. A quicker way to redirect and refocus your time and attention/energy. And not only is this method effective, it is also fun and engaging! Let's begin. 


Materials Needed

  • A Thick Cord (one that represents what you want to release. )
  • Sacred Scissors (if you do not have special, sacred scissors that you use in your magical workings, buy some or grab some you have at home and consecrate them, with our Altar Oil)
  • A Cauldron or Pot to Burn
  • ​Paper to write on
  • Pen
  • Crystals (that support the work you are doing )
  • Incense and smudging tool (or feather) (sage, sweetgrass, palo santo, cedar, etc)
  • Water in a glass (water is a sacred conduit for channeling in energy and spiritual essence)
  • ​7 White Candles (or 6 white and one of the color frequency you are wanting to release or all 7 that color. Candles can be whatever size you want to use or have available. If 7 candles are not monetarily feasible for you at this time, use 1 only. 
  • Releasing Oi


Picture How to Prepare Your Sacred Space


It is time to prepare your space for magical workings. If you already have a space, go there and you will be fine. If you do not have a space indoors, go outside and set your space in a place that calls out to you. If you would rather work indoors but do not already have a sacred place, listen up. 

Find a secluded place where you can work and be undisturbed. If you have an extra bedroom, closet or a space in your room where you can set up, go there. God to a place that calls out to you. Keep in mind that you will have multiple candles burning at the same time and you will be burning paper. If this is not able to be done indoors, you can save the burning for outside and choose a space indoors for the beginning part of the ceremony. 

Once you have a space picked out, it is time to cleanse and clear it. Before lighting your smudging tool, take your time and connect with the energy of your space. You need to connect with it so you can know what it is you want to release and what energy you want to bring in. It may be the same every time you smudge or it may be different. The importance of connecting is so you can release and call in the right energy.

Example: If your sacred space will be in the living room, this is normally a high traffic area where many people share and exchange energy. If the energy is not cleared regularly, this can create an energetic dumping ground and can become a place with alot of stagnant energy resides. It is important to connect with this energy so you can call it out and clear it completely.

Now, light your smudging tool and begin to clear out all of the energy you have picked up on in your space. After you have cleared it out, call in your unseen (or seen if you're a seer) help from the higher realms. Before you start to call them in, reference the type of energy work you are about to complete, a cord cutting ceremony.. You want to invite in supportive energy and energetic beings (your guides, ancestors, angels, etc) that will support your spiritual workings. [so if you normally work with Aunt Sally because she is full of love and light but never liked to cut people off when she was living, do not call her into this space for cord cutting because her energetic presence may not support the work you are about to do. That does not make her spiritual essence unimportant or sub par, it's just that you want to put in this WORK and you need spiritual beings and energies that are ready to do the same! 

Example: I call in my spiritual team members that are filled with unconditional love, peace and that will support my decision to release these energetic bonds that are holding me back from where I am headed. I call in the beings from the highest frequency to support me in this magical working. Thank you for your love and support. [remember that if you have particular beings that you work with and they have the energy to support this cord cutting, call them in by name.]

Once you have called in your help from the spiritual realm, thank them for coming and assisting you at this time and move forward to prepare your physical space.  If you have not done this yet, SMUDGE YOURSELF AS WELL to cleanse and clear your energy! Do the same practice on yourself, sit with your energy, what do you feel? Call out the energy you want to cleanse and then speak words of empowerment to yourself to bring in the energy you are wanting to feel and BE!


How to set up Your Sacred Space

Now it is time to set up your physical space. Start with a clear and leveled surface. Cleanse it with vinegar or any cleansing essential oil mixture in water. Whip it down until dry. Take your altar oil and place three drops in your hands. Rub them together to spark the energy and place them on your altar space (the clear leveled surface). Speak life into your altar and tell it exactly what it is here to assist you in doing. Now repeat this same step to all of your sacred items you will be placing on your altar space (especially the scissors if you are using random household ones!). 

Once you have completed consecrating your space, place your elements down to get a sturdy foundation for spiritual magic. Place your earth (crystals, plants, rocks, etc), Your fire (candles), your air (incense or feathers) and your water (your glass of water). after your space is foundationally set up and ready to go, you are ready to begin. 


How to complete the Ceremony

The best way to start is to sit with the energy and feel how it makes you feel. What do you want to release, who do you want to release? Call out that energy. Call it forth so that you can feel it in its entirety. Close your eyes and call it out. Embody the energy but do not become the energy. We need to channel it so that we can release it properly. Now, after a few moments of just being, write. You can write a couple of different ways. CHoose the best one for you and your situation. Keep in mind you can do multiple. 

Everyday Journaling
If you have a daily journal (which I do suggest). You can then write out exactly how you are feeling, what makes you feel that way and why you are releasing this energy today. This is a powerful way to bring in more self awareness and accountability. This way is planting the seeds of your "why" into your subcoucious. 

Goodbye Letter
Saying goodbye really helps. We often hear people talk about getting closure and how they want it our didn't get it. The goodbye letter to what or whoever you are releasing will help you gain closure even if you did not get it from that person or thing. 

Releasing Letter (The letter to get burned)
This is a heartfelt letter written about whatever to who/whatever you are wanting to release. allow this letter to be filled with the energy you are wanting to release. This is a powerful way to release your emotions (energy in motion) and this letter will be burned afterwards so make it powerful, make it meaningful and make it REAL. 

After writing, take your cord and hold it near your heart. Say aloud what this cord represents to you. Why is it here? What name have you given it? What power does it now embody? This cord will now be the symbol of the energetic cord you have between you and that person, place or thing, you want to release. If you feel called, read your letter or journal entry aloud while holding your cord. Read it with passion and fully charged energetic emotion.

When you are ready, cut the cord, and release the energy by burning the letter. As it burns, say your goodbyes, cry it out, laugh it out, release whatever emotions come up to the surface for you.


Renew Your Energy

After this ceremony, it is normal to feel pretty drained and tired. It is recommended they you replenish and empower yourself after completing. You can do this a few ways. 

  1. Listen to uplifting music/binaural beats
  2. Meditate
  3. Go for a walk in nature or around the block
  4. Exercise
  5. Take a spiritual bath and use our Goddess Glow and Energy Boost Oils
  6. Take a nap
  7. Spend time with someone that means alot to you and does not mind uplifting you


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