Calming Anxiety Holistically [Daily/As Needed Technique]

Calming Anxiety Holistically [Daily/As Needed Technique]

Some times, stress within the mind and/or body gets harder to maintain than other times. Here is a quick and easy exercise to quickly bring the body, mind and soul into alignment when you feel that life is getting out of control. I suggest you practice this before actually getting to this point, so that when the overwhelming stress arises, you have the tools needed, to combat it. 

This exercise is perfect to complete daily at the start of your day to calm you before getting it started. This is also a great exercise to do right before entering a stressful environment. 


*Used to calm oneself in the beginning stages of an anxiety attack.*


Suggested Tools:

Protection Crystal
Grounding Crystal
Your own personal crystal

Intentionally Luxe Body & Hair Oil Blend



1) Hold each crystal in each of your hands (this gives you something to physically ground yourself as well as accepting the crystals’ energies into your energetic field).

2) Focus your breathing into slow and deep breaths while relaxing the muscles in your face (being aware of both of these actions helps to relax the rest of your body as well).

3) Repeat this chant out loud (this distracts your thoughts from the things causing your anxiety as well as focuses your attention away from the problems):

“This moment is exactly as it should be. I am here, I am now, and I can make peace with this moment. I am divinely guided and protected, always. I draw loving, calming and favorable energy into myself with each inhale and expel all unfavorable thought forms from me with each exhale. I am in perfect balance and harmony”


Additional Comments:

When You are practicing this exercise, you can do so, daily and instead of holding the crystals, use intention oils to help keep you focused on the body, while calming the mind and enriching the spirit.

If you are crafty and feel divinely lead to, head over to our complete list of herbs to pick out and gather herbs to use with this calming exercise. 

If you are not so crafty or just choose not to create your own, our Intentionally Luxe Body & Hair Oil Blends will flow perfect with this daily exercise. 



 **This exercise is not used to diagnose or treat any mental health disorder. This technique is for informational purposes only. Please seek medical attention for further assistance.**

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