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Hypnosis is not only magical, it's a science. Within each session, you are able to explore your conscious like never before. Rather you are looking to change an unfavorable habit or explore your past life, this is truly a powerful experience to have!


Our Radical Shift Coaching Sessions were designed with you in mind! You DO NOT need another "guru," and we know that. We have created a service that will EMPOWER you to become your OWN guru and truly shine!


Our Total Transformation Program is designed for those that are in NEED of a total "fix my life" makeover. Have you found yourself caught in a "Crappy Creation Loop" and don't know how to get out? We got you!


Our Powerful Intention Oils are used to help reprogram your subconscious mind! To attract you have to BECOME; These oils are the pure frequency of what you desire to attract. Working with them daily will help you in the process of BECOMING that which you desire to receive.

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Client Testimonials

 Tina makes you feel like you have known her many years even if you have only known her for 2 minutes. SHES BOMB AND ON POINT ASF (it will scare you ) in a good way

Lovely Client

 This experience was amazing! This was my first time experiencing quantum hypnotherapy and by far this is one of the most amazing experiences I got to live. Everyone should try quantum hypnotherapy. You will learn so much about yourself!

Tabitha W.

The experience was nothing like I expected. I was amazed at how I felt. I felt very comfortable in Tina's presence and energy. I truly relaxed my body and allowed her beautiful voice to take me on the trip into my subconscious mind. It was incredible

Jasmine W.

 It was an Eye-opener!! Everything that you said was on point! It made me cry because I couldn't believe the fact that everything I just recently been doing through and doing is exactly what I've been doing letting this ga and people go!! It made.feel good that I am doing what is right for me and no one else!! I was feeling bad sometimes I still feel bad honestly but this reading greatly helped me!!


 I am grateful Goddess Star sharing her gift of divinity with me😊. It was an outworldly, flawlessly guided experience and I’m excited to participate.

Erica H.

 Tina created a peaceful, relaxing environment for me to receive the messages that were intended for me. Overall, my experience was worth the time and money spent!


You need to be known and I really trust your energy. It's familiar but not in this dimension or lifetime.

Alisha K.

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